Hello I'm Hilary...


As a business coach I work with business owners, leaders and managers who want to find new, ingenious ways of motivating their staff, or have teams that aren’t working well together.


I am a huge believer that if we understand our behaviour at work AND gain insight into why we do what we do, we can improve our performance and the quality of our relationships in the work place.


This is because when staff are working well together, passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, they will happily do more than is asked of them for their company, which has a direct impact on the bottom line.


I am fascinated by what motivates people. So many of us have massive "blind spots" when it comes to understanding what is really important to us, what our strengths are and how we behave when we are under stress and pressure.







“At Lyme Bay Auctions in Devon, we are a team that handle thousands of lots per month and many hundreds of customers. We have deadlines and targets to meet every month. There was friction and regular personality clashes among staff of different ages and abilities which affected morale and efficiency. After reaching out to Hilary Fisher she worked with me and my team, suggesting The Engaging Leader Program for me and The Engaged Staff Program for the staff to create better cohesion and understanding within the team. In a very short period of time she achieved this and much more. Her approach was appreciated by the most cynical of staff and the results enlightening and transformative. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Simon Watson

Managing Director, Lyme Bay Auctions


"Being new to management, I soon found I was having problems motivating my sales team. I found it difficult to understand why the team were not finding their salary and commission enough motivation to the job effectively. Having been a very successful sales rep myself, I tried telling them what to do, I tried leading by example, but in the end, I felt as if I had ended up doing their jobs as well as mine. Hilary helped me see the impact I was having on the team and what my blind spots were. Through the Engaging Leader programme, Hilary helped me understand the affect I was having on the team performance & morale and she put in place a constructive staff survey programme for the staff to feedback their issues and concerns in a constructive way. Gaining strategic self-awareness and collective understanding of what the team goals, motivations and fears were, helped us to break the deadlock, work better together as a team and drastically improve sales performance within 3 months."

Lucy Fletcher

Sales Manager, Moat Solutions


“Hilary’s feedback on my values and personality assessments was really insightful. The analysis she provided was incredibly accurate, providing objective evidence that will help me manage my future performance. A consummate professional, Hilary has a warm and personable style in her feedback delivery. She has helped me understand my core goals, interests, and drivers – which will help me identify my next position and the type of environment I’m most happy and productive in. Most importantly for me, Hilary helped me build the build the self-awareness I need to succeed and understand my behavioural "derailers", which have impacted on my performance when under pressure in the past. Thank you so much Hilary!”

Nick Braithwaite, GDPR Project Manager