Engaging Leader Program

You are...

As a business leader or business owner, you are focused on the financial goals and overall success of your business.

You know...

that when it comes to the people that work for you, a “one-size-fits-all” approach to management and simply telling your employees what to do, doesn’t always motivate them to work as productively or as effectively towards the company goals, as you would like.

How we will work together...

We focus on

Who you are as a boss...

* How your own values and personality have an effect on team performance and engagement.
* The type of culture you create for your team.
* You are likely emphasise the values that are most important to you, while having unconscious biases around values that are least important to you, values which could be important to some of your team members.

How you behave...

and how you are likely to come across to your staff.
• What your strengths are - How you engage and connect with staff.
• What your blind spots are – or how you disengage and behave in a way that is counterproductive and that YOU are not necessarily aware of.

How you affect your team...

I survey your team and ask them how you perform against the agreed good leadership criteria and their attitudes about working as part of your team.

Successful leadership engagement...

We take your strengths and blind spots and measure them against 4 key areas for successful leadership engagement and the extent to which you create

1. Clear goals and vision
2. Performance Enablement
3. Positive Team Climate
4. Agile & Open Culture

Why work with me?

Work with me if staff morale is important to you, and you believe that an engaged staff is a performing staff. Work with me to create a company culture for all the differing personality types who work for you, so they feel included, understood and inspired to work hard to meet company goals. It really will make a difference to your bottom line.


What I will provide you...

Once this assessment information has been analysed, I provide you a report that measures the actual levels of you staff engagement, give you feedback on the report, a development plan and recommendations, detailing what you should

• Keep Doing
• Stop Doing
• Start Doing

Three month and six monthly reviews are available to measure achievements made, against initial criteria for success. Evaluation is vital! We will cover topics such as

* whether these sessions were valuable and worthwhile, how and why?
* whether and how your skills or working behaviour have improved as a result.
* evaluating development activities also involves asking the following questions:
* what am I able to do better as a result?
* has this process thrown up further development needs?
* how well did this process work?
* what more could I have gained more from this activity?